And how many do I have to throw out?

An illustation of a little dog scraping its tongue with a copper tongue scraper.
Author’s Illustration

Are freebies with purchases really free? Or are the prices of the purchases slightly marked up to cover for those ‘freebies’?

What’s more, you can’t choose which paid freebie you’d like. …

A must read for all new Medium writers

A person holding up their left hand as gesture to stop.
Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

When you notice private notes left on your draft by a Medium publication Editor do not edit your work for at least 30 minutes.

Here’s why.

I do love Medium’s technology because it saves my draft every time I’ve made a change to my article or story. But, when I’ve…

Whether you rent or own your own property

An illustratin of a young female writer enjoying a relaxing bath.
Illustrated by Erin M. Singh

Your bathroom is one of the most quietest rooms in your home; except when the children are having a bath.

Jokes aside, you could turn your bathroom into a writers’ retreat while relaxing in a tub of filtered warm water with magnesium salts…ahhh!

Read on for more tips on how…

Even if we all speak English

A funny illustration of a girl and boy feeling lost in translation.
Artwork by Erin M. Singh

In my early 20s I had moved from Australia to live in Southern California and what a culture shock it was for me.

Not only were these Americans driving on the wrong side of the road but I needed to translate my British English to American English and vice versa.

And not just on Thanksgiving

An illustration of a bird praying with gratitude to all the vegans.
Illustrated by Erin M. Singh

While I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, here is what I’m thankful for every day:

I thank my Mum for having the courage to get onto a plane and fly to the U.S. …

A watercolour drawing of a cute brown rabbit. Illustrated by Erin M. Singh.
A watercolour drawing of a cute brown rabbit. Illustrated by Erin M. Singh.
A watercolour drawing of a brown rabbit. Illustration: Erin M. Singh

Do you know?

Even without a global pandemic

Bright signage advertising Free Smells
Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

A gas ducted heating specialist was booked to service our unit. But as this man entered through our front door I got a big whiff of his sickly sweet body odour.

Returning to the lounge-room I could smell his sickly sweet body odour burning up my nostrils. …


It’s your money

A monkey’s face planted head first in a stainless steel pan.
Photo by Ayush Sharma on Unsplash

To my surprise, on a recent phone bill, my phone service provider charged me an extra $23.50 in a Summary Data charge.

It was a shock to me because I knew this was out of character because I avoid entering my phone number for SMS reminders to receive marketing offers…

Erin Singh

Freelance Writer | Illustrator | => ©Erin Singh 2020–2021. E:

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